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June 14, 2015


Hi Lisa,


This is Rosie on her 5 month birthday (Brook and Chester)! She is bright and loving and keeps us busy!


We want to ask you when you would recommend feeding her twice a day instead of three times. Would you change her food or stay with the same Royal Canin?


Hope all is well,

Sue and Peter

Lakehills Rosie


March 19, 2015


Hi Lisa,


Bubba is absolutely the coolest little guy and he actually listens! Great temperament and Tosh has adopted him as his new buddy. They are really bonding - all is good, great appetite and such a beautiful Aussie. Thanks again for an awesome experience.



Bubba - pictured at 2 months of age

March 09, 2015


Dear Lisa,


I know you have heard this before, but Ross is the most intelligent, beautiful, sweetest puppy ever! Of course, big brother Baron could give him a run for his money!


He spent his first alone time today--sort of. I used baby gates to kennel him in the kitchen while I went to work. The Chihuahuas have their own pen and crate in the kitchen too; so he wasn't really alone. I suspect Baron stayed with him on the other side of the gate all day. Baron loves this pup! Ross also learned to pee on command in the back yard in one day! I expect him to be housebroken in another day or two. Like all of my other dogs, he doesn't eat unless I am present.


He sleeps well, but likes to wake up around 11:30 PM to play! Not my favorite thing since I get up at 5:00 AM, but I decided not to fight it and simply play with him until he is ready to fall back asleep. ( I swear he has grown since Saturday.)


I found my old puppy stroller and took him for a walk with Baron last night. (Keeps him safe and off the ground.) It is a bit eccentric--so we walk at night. He is the perfect passenger. The stroller also allows him to socialize with other walkers.


I've attached a few photos. You can see how happy Baron is! I LOVE THIS BOY! I can guarantee my separation anxiety was worse than his today!



Lakehills Baron (Black Tri) with his new best friend Lakehills Ross (Ross @ 2 months of age)

Fiona, 3 years of age

Saturday, February 07, 2015


Hi Lisa,


It's been a while since we've exchanged emails. We adopted a female aussie from you in 2012. Her mom was Brooke and her dad was Jesse. She was born on 1/10/12 and we picked her up in March 2012. Her name is Fiona. We are so in love with her.


We were talking about getting second aussie so I'm reaching out to you again to start the process. We'd like to get another female blue merle. Can we get on the wait list?


Looking forward to hearing from you.



February 14, 2015


Hi Lisa:


One evening last week Bucky and Lucie played with a skunk. The smell was still lingering. The warm weather allowed a swim then a bath for the kids.  They are so beautiful I had to share.



January 18, 2015


Hi Lisa, just wanting to say that today our Beauty, " Lake Hills Feather River Reflection" aka Emma is having her 2nd Birthday, we love so her much and she is everything amazing.


As I had e-mailed you last year that our precious Son Taylor was murdered by a drunk driver while on his way to work.  Our Emma has done more than you could ever imagine, such a character. There has been so many times that my Husband and I have been struggling and that little girl does something that we both cannot ignore and truly look at her as though she knows, and we just can't help but giggle and laugh.


Just had to make sure you know she is doing great and as we push forward hoping to get back into agility soon, thank you, and who knows what the future holds, may be looking to you for another pup.


Thank you, Johnna and Miss Emma

September 14, 2014


WOW 6 yrs ... Where does the time go !!!  Nika is going great and in good health.


In June I had my right knee replacement done, so the last year I was unable to do much of anything, we are looking forward to getting back at it, thinking of doing some AKC Agility, CPE and NADAC this fall and also going for her NW 2 Title.


Hope everything is going super for you, Bosco is looking fantastic how is his pups doing?


Take care,

Joyce & Nika

Lakehills Moon Lite Breeze

September 01, 2014


Hi Lisa we haven't sent you a picture for a while so thought we would check in.


What amazing friends Sierra and boomer are.

January 24, 2014


Lisa, attached is another picture of Carson (Big Al's brother) right after grooming. He did really well with a new groomer---he has come a long way.






Pictured at 4 years of age.

Carson is a Chase x Jesse son.

March 31, 2014


Hi Lisa


I hope all is well with you. We are doing well. I just wanted to send along a picture of our girl Déjà Vu. Her 5th birthday was February 26th and I always try to check in with a picture and update on our special girl.  As you can see she is a beauty and we get so many comments on her. She is a big girl, like her brother "Big Al" and we often get asked if she is a Bernese Mountain dog.  She has found her passion in life, Frisbee! She has also decided that Rally is not for her. The only part of Rally she likes is the treats.  She is an eating machine so we have to keep a close watch on her diet to keep her girly shape.  No way that Deja could be a free feeder!  She is the most loveable girl and is still a wonderful adopted mom to our 3 year old Male Aussie.  Anything he wants he gets as far as Deja is concerned.


We can't thank you enough for our girl.  She and Jasper make our hearts full.  Enjoy her picture and be assured that she could not be loved and doted on more than she is.  She is a happy girl.  Enjoy the wet weather.  Thank goodness it finally arrived.  We are suppose to get snow tonight, better late than never.


Thanks again


Sue, Ron, Deja and Jasper Collier

"Déjà Vu"

Lakehills Tilly

March 24, 2014


Hi Lisa,


Wanted to let you know how our terrific Tilly is doing. She's now 2 years old and has become an expert frisbee girl. She loves running off leash and hanging out with the boys.


She is now almost 60 lbs and always has a smile on her face! We just love her so much and hear all the time what a gorgeous girl she is. She truly is special!


Hope all is well at Lakehills



Andrea & Jerry

February 23, 2014


Hi Lisa,


A little Maggie news, she finished ATCH 3 this weekend at PASA. It was a long shot since we needed 3.5 Regular Q's. She ran the courses nicely hitting all her contacts with only one dropped bar, giving us 3.5 Q's!!! What a wonderful weekend we both had. I just can't believe she is 7 already, and I'm always thankful for each run we have. She's turned into so much more than I ever imagined.


Janet Jenkins and Maggie

ATCH-III, ADCH, MACH Lakehills Maggies Hard Candy-AKC CD

December 07, 2013


Hi Lisa,


Hope this note finds you and your family well. I have been meaning to write to you and send some photos of Petula since last summer, but something always seemed to get in the way.


My grandmother moved in with me, she is 93 and a handful, so we keep busy around here. She also took a fall in the beginning of October and fractured her shoulder, wrist and a stress fracture on her hip. We have had a flurry of nurses and many different types of therapists coming and going for two months now. She also required 24 hour care, so between my Mom and I, we were able to take care of her. Needless to say, it has been difficult, but she is doing much better, so we do see the light at the end of the tunnel.


How are you? How are your fur kids doing? I did see that Brandy and Chester were both busy this year with new pups to add to the family. Did you keep any? Chester looks so gorgeous and majestic in his photos.


Petula is doing very well. I know I always tell you how wonderful she is and that she is so smart and soooo loving, but it is not just me that thinks that. People are always telling me how pretty she is and they are always amazed by her intelligence and how well she behaves. Trust me, all these things have been put to the test with her, especially in these past couple of months with all of the strangers entering our house. Don't get me wrong, she will also let me know when an unknown has entered the property, but she really shines when people get to know her one on one.


I simply love and adore her so much. She is the sunshine in my life. She is such a happy girl, always has been, since the day I picked her up at your house. That says a lot to me Lisa, about just how much care and love you pour into your fur kids and just how important that is to you.


I am enclosing two Christmas photos of Petula. She looks so much like Brandy to me. I hope you like them.


May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year!


Warm Regards,

Marilyn & Petula

August 16, 2013 is Molly's fifth birthday, so I thought I would write a brief update and send a couple of photos...Our Molly is a joy. So sweet, so loving, so smart. She was a bit of a firecracker for the first year or two, but has settled down and while she is still FULL of energy, she is much more observant, thoughtful and communicative with us, if you know what I mean. She listens, understands, and lets me know what's up. She adores her "big brother" Bodie, our now 11 year old mini aussie. They are best buddies and take good care of each other. We also adopted my mother-in-law's elderly dachshund "Chula" when she passed away, and Chula lived with us for several years until she passed away last June at the age of 18! Molly was very respectful and careful with Chula and knew her boundaries. Molly and I have taken obedience class (twice) when she was younger, and this year we started taking Agility classes, which she loves - I go to ARF in Walnut Creek once a week. She is doing well and we are on the third level of "beginning", so she is doing about six different apparatuses, and can do most of it off leash now. I do not intend to compete with her, but she has a lot of fun and enjoys the socialization aspect also. Molly had a fun birthday today, including getting her annual birthday "portrait" (see below), getting a special trip with Mom to PetCo to pick out some new toys, receiving some gifts in the mail from relatives, and Frosty Paws doggie ice cream shared with Bodie after dinner. This weekend we will take them on a birthday excursion too. She is well loved.


Here are a few pictures....Thanks again for sending us our darling Molly.


The Mendoza Family, California

Black Tri Female - Lakehills Echo

Blue Merle female - Lakehills Blue Denim & Lace “Lacee”

"Lacee" & "Echo"


Lacee was placed with the Stickney family as a 10 month old puppy and doing fabulous!!


April 12, 2013 5:54 PM


Lacee is fitting in perfectly with our family. She follows around our daughter a lot and sleeps in her bed. Lacee loves being hugged and cuddled all the time. My wife has been really busy this week.


Thank you so much! Attached is a picture of Echo & Lacee.



Monday, March 18, 2013


Hi there, just wanted to pass along a couple things to you.


We were at an AKC trial this past weekend and Peg was talking to a friend of ours, Maggie, who relayed a story. This gal has been coming to our ASCA trials for probably a year or so, who has, I think he's a rescue German Shepherd. The poor thing is so scared of being in the ring anyway, and then one time last year we had a guy come up from California to one of our trials and he was in the ring setting bars when, Sampson, the shepherd came up to him during his run and the guy kind of lunged at him and made a growling sound. Well that did Sampson in and the poor gal had such a hard time getting him to come in the ring, then he finally did come it but wanted to run out every time. Anyway, she's been really working with him at several of our other trials and he's doing a lot better. ANYWAY, long story, we don't know this gal real well other than talking to her briefly at our trials and seeing the diligence she puts in to help this dog. So at the AKC trial, Peg was talking to Maggie, who knows this German Shepherd gal (can't remember her name) and she said she's thinking of an aussie. Well, Maggie said to definitely get a hold of us because our dogs are very healthy and have great temperaments and are so well put together! I thought that was so nice of her to say and she has Aussies herself but she recommended ours!


Another gal, who we don't even know, saw Gracie waiting to go run this weekend and said, "What a beautiful Aussie!".  I just like to pass along good things when I hear them!


Julie wrote and sent a couple pictures of Mixy, she's gorgeous! Her and Piper are having a great time playing I guess. We'll get to see her in a few weeks at our ASCA trial; we can get our puppy fix! So glad that worked out. It will be fun to have more Lakehills dogs up here!


I got the Aussie Times today. Thanks so much for including us in the ad. I get so teary every time I see Peyton in an ad but I have to just remember the incredible journey we had!


Annette Dusa and Peggy Dent own 5 Lakehills Bred Australian Shepherds…

February 27, 2013


Hi Lisa


We always think of you this time of year, as yesterday was Déjà vu's 4th birthday. She had a great dog celebration with a long walk and a special dinner. Not to spoiled, Right? I am sending along a picture of her and Jasper. Hope I got the sizing right. If not let me know and I will try again. It is impossible to get a picture with a flash of Deja without the yellow eyes, so use your imagination and replace the yellow eyes with her dreamy brown eyes!


Deja only gets better with age. She is still the most amazing mommy dog to Jasper. They love each other so much and she keeps him in line. If I scold him for something she is right there to take over and handle him. Both pups are training in Rally. All Deja wants to do is please, she is an amazing girl! I see from your website that her brother Big Al is now one of your breeding males. He is a beauty too! Saw a picture on your site of Big Al on your lap, he is one big boy! Deja is a big girl too. We get 3 comments on her, she is beautiful, her coat is so shiny and wow she is big! Deja is an eating machine, she would eat all day if we let her.


Just wanted to touch bases and give you an update on Deja. We thank you so much for our girl. We are totally in love with our kids and Deja made our dream of having 2 dogs that got along a reality.


Again thanks for our girl, she is amazing!



Deja is the black tri, shown at 4 years of age